What’s Mindfulness Got To Do With It?

Zen and the Art of Social Movement Maintenance JAMES K ROWE 27 March 2015 This article was originally published by Waging Nonviolence. Activists meditating in Zuccotti Park during Occupy. Credit: Waging Nonviolence/Karsten Braaten. Angela Davis, revolutionary activist and philosopher, is a committed yogi. She began practicing in prison when a doctor working with the Black Panther… Read More What’s Mindfulness Got To Do With It?

Folk Theory of Non-Dual Awareness

The next three posts explore non-dualism from Hindu and Buddhist perspectives. The first is by Jody Radzik, whose slideshare “The Folk Theory of Nondual Enlightenment” looks at both Buddhist/Theravada concepts of ‘non-self’ and Hindu/Mahayana concepts of non-dualism and Advaita Vedanta. Jody reveals with brilliant simplicity the underlying assumptions of each, and why they ultimately fall… Read More Folk Theory of Non-Dual Awareness

Monbiot and Brand: Fascism or Democracy?

Russell and George discuss the collapse of democracy as an effective political system and ask “what’s next?” Monbiot offers a potential for a new democracy based on community and belonging.  You can hear the spiritual overtones as Monbiot and Brand discuss a politics of attachment, mutual regard and community https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/011-fascism-or-democracy-is-this-our-last-chance-to/id1212064750?i=1000385544050&mt=2 Monbiot has a new book coming… Read More Monbiot and Brand: Fascism or Democracy?