Where to Study Buddhism Online

I’ve been reading the Sattipathana Sutta on buddhanet.net, the Buddha’s own teaching on ‘mindfulness.’ Big fancy title for what are really a set of very short, simple instructions. This Sutta is said to be the most important of the Buddha’s teachings. I finally had enough book learnin’ that I can go to the source and appreciate it’s simplicity. These teachings all written in repetitive formulas that you can memorize and recite to yourself, like a mantra.



Lion’s Roar has an up-to-date list of places that you can study Buddhism online:


Also please check out Nalanadabodhi’s directed online study. It’s $50 per course, and it’s a complete, well-written curriculum that includes Introduction (free, no $$), Foundation (Nikaya or ‘hinayana’), and Mahayana courses. http://nalandabodhi.org/courses/


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