Nudist Cubist Buddhist

I’m looking for images of Buddha and Buddhism, drawings and paintings, that are modernist and post-modernist. For myself I would like to create new images of Buddha and Buddhism that speak to the modernist situation that I practice in. This begs the question: what is a Buddhist image? what elements make it Buddhist? is there some way to meaningfully distinguish between a “buddhist modernist” image and a non-buddhist image? It makes me think of Stephen Batchelor’s latest book, After Buddhism. The cover of the books is a pathway of stones, probably the most common image on the cover of Buddhist literature. There are thousands of Buddhist books covered with this image. It does not offer anything new in the way of thinking about Buddhism, which is supposedly what Batchelor’s book is about. It is branding the book as “Buddhist”. Similarly, Zen books are covered with the not-quite-closed black circle. This is mere branding  and suggests conformity and uniformity of thought, rather than breaking new ground with new ideas that address our modernist situation.


Must we label and catagorize everything, Dag! can we not accept that some things don’t fit in our pre-made boxes…Yeah I’m talking to you administrator weenies at deviantART that deceided you knew better than I do, what “gallery” to put some piece in,…whatever! Go bite yourselves,…as a good friend once said ” You Define Your Own Terms, …Leave My Personal Life Out Of It!” To everyone else Please excuse my rant. And Thank you for visiting! Cheers!


United States
Current Residence: Middle-East America
Favourite genre of music: Avant-Barbershop
Favourite photographer: The secretive type
Favourite style of art: DADA or Computer Graphics
Operating System: Aenesthetize and THEN make the incision
MP3 player of choice: Free ones
Shell of choice: Personality
Wallpaper of choice: Arts & Crafts Movement
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Sideshow Mel
Personal Quote: “Zubba-Zubba Zoo Zubba-Zoo!”

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