The Art of Life and Politics: Silence = Death


or in other words:


For those of us who lived our ‘coming out’ years in the 80s and 90s, we were faced with a situation of ‘vocalization or annihilation’. While Silence is a privileged modality in contemporary Buddhist circles, for queers like me, Silence = Erasure, Invisibility. Silence = Death, psychic, social and physical. I can sit silently in meditation for my required 20 minutes a day, but otherwise I’m disposed to being pretty damn Vocal. Loud, motherfucker. Noisy. So when I protest, I’m not going to “sit in silence.” I’m going to be one loud motherfucker telling people what I really think, calling it like I see it. We’re here, we Buddhist and Queer. And Noisy. Get Used To It.


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