Buddhist Futures: Futurica & the Internet Sangha

Futurica Trilogy: How the Internet is going to Kill Industrial Capitalism and the Western Enlightenment Idea of the Individual. This video by Alexander Bard, one of the authors of the Futurica Trilogy, explains how the internet is the fourth communication revolution. The internet is a ‘single organism’ that obliterates the western enlightenment concept of the individual.… Read More Buddhist Futures: Futurica & the Internet Sangha

Response to ‘Are We Raising Racists?’

Raising A White Child As A Black Parent In An Age of White Guilt Hysteria and Self-Flagellation Oliver CampbellFollow Fiction author. Shorty Awards Athlete Finalist. Contributor at The Escapist Magazine. Endurance cyclist. Renaissance man. Mar 15 A Response to ‘Are We Raising Racists?’ This piece is written as a counter opinion to Jennifer Harvey’s Op-Ed… Read More Response to ‘Are We Raising Racists?’

Leslie Booker: Self-Preservation of Activism

This talk by Leslie Booker in Worldwide Insight is a rich stew of mindful insights and embodied practices, offering many different kinds of dharma approaches to activism.  Leslie has taught yoga and meditation practice to youths in juvenile penal systems and Riker’s Island prison. Leslie looks deeply into her own patterns of anger and reactivity… Read More Leslie Booker: Self-Preservation of Activism