Buddhadasa: the Birth of Modernism

Ajahn Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu was a 20th century Thai monk (1906-1993) who was the forerunner, indeed the founder, of Buddhist Modernism. Now before you start quoting David McMahan and insisting that Buddhist Modernism was invented by Western colonialists who invaded Asia, stole Asian culture and anglicized it, or that it was merely a reaction to Western colonialism—STOP. Asian… Read More Buddhadasa: the Birth of Modernism

Holism, Seflism, Interbeing

[editor: the following article by Daniel Christian Wahl is a brilliant analysis of the evolution of “being” from holism, in which self is not distinguished, to individualism or ‘selfism’, in which the ego-centric is primary, to interbeing, in which self-and-world arise together through ‘structural coupling’, His explanation is based, as he states at the beginning, on… Read More Holism, Seflism, Interbeing

The Commons as Political economy

The Future is a “Pluriverse”- An Interview with David Bollier on the Potential of the Commons Interview by Antonis Brumas and Yavor Tarinski, originally published at Transnational Institute of Social ecology Some believe that the commons are incompatible with commodity markets. Others claim that markets and commons may form mutually beneficial relations with each other. What… Read More The Commons as Political economy

Sangha is a Network, not a Club

editor: I’ve discovered a new movement in Christianity which models “church” as an open ‘centered set’, as opposed to a closed ‘bounded set’ (see discussion below). I’ve come to see ‘sangha’ as a network of people who share my perspectives on spirituality, reality and ethics, including people who aren’t Buddhists. The network is both face-to-face… Read More Sangha is a Network, not a Club